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About Me - My Life Story
Having worked with my hands most of my life, it was most unlikely for me to pick up the pen. I've owned and successfully operated a full service restaurant, fast food restaurant, photographic studio, and a car-care center. I've worked at the Manned Spacecraft Center in the Photographic Division, during the space craze, when the eyes of the world focused on Houston. Categorically, the writing experience is the most challenging and the most rewarding. It started with a phone call from my son Joe:

["Hey dad, you want my old computer?"]"Hey dad , you want my old computer? I got a new one."


Fast-forward two weeks: I'm sitting in front of a monitor being intimidated. "This thing isn't so smart," I told my wife Sharon;" it can only do what you tell it to do."

"Yeah, well tell it to do something," she said, intending to be witty, but it sounded more like sarcasm to me.

"Huh," I said, pretending not to hear.


  "I said, tell it to do something."

"You have to know how to type. I'll tell it to do something when I know how to type."


Fast forward: I'm reading How to Use Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing on your IBM PC or Compatible Computer. "This should be a snap; I took one-half year of typing in high school." Trying to make my fingers remember what they had learned so many years ago turned out not to be a snap. "Why do you have all those 'j's' sprinkled around on your page; and what does 'jbook' spell?" Sharon said, looking over my shoulder.

sam2 "That 's book. The old typewriter I'm used to required a lot of push on the keys to get them to work. This thing requires a very light touch. I use the 'j' as a pivot point, and every time I type the letter 'o' or the letter 'jp' I get a 'j' in front of each letter. That 's why I end up with words like 'jpeach ' or 'jorange'. I don 't even know I 'm doing it because I 'm looking at the copy."

"Why don 't you look at the screen? That way you 'll know when you make a mistake."

"Knowing when I make a mistake would help me adjust, but I 'd have to make up something to type."

sharon2 "So, make up something," she said, substituting body language for sarcastic witticism.

"I will!" I said, and I did, and I hope you like it.

    I should have said "I did, I did, I did," because I wrote three books before I could type "book" without a "J." The experience made me wish I'd paid extra attention to my high school English teacher.

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