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A lot has happened since my foray into the writing game; and I have been remiss in my attention to this site. An update is long overdue. I will revise things, live, and bring everything up to date.
Working on these pages live means that you'll see things that will not make sense, mistakes and typos, but it will eventually get organized.

The four books pictured above represent my writing effort that came about because my son, Joey, gave me his old computer. I tell about this incident in the “About Me,” segment. The link is on the left side of this page.

My books are published by OmniLand Books. If you click the Book Catalog link it will take you to the publisher's web site. A preview is provided; and should you be inspired by what you read, a shopping cart is available for you to purchase any book. You can even pay by credit card through PayPal. Remember to click the "Back" button, on the top-upper-left, if you want to return to this site.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse is an integral part of my book Return of the Zytron Rebel. Because I wanted the facts about that historical old structure to be accurate; Sharon and I drove to Sandy Hook to do a little research. An amazing thing happened on that trip. I suppose one could credit it to chance, happenstance, or just a simple coincidence, but I must admit it had a touch of the Twilight Zone. Click the "Amazing Coincidence" link and see if you agree

The next link is, “Photos-Tidbits-Trivia.” Yep, that’s what it is. You may find some interesting things here; future projects, a tomato, a loaf of bread – A LOAF OF BREAD!

The link, “Sample Recipes,” features a few recipes from the up-coming book, Joe Di Maggio’s Restaurant – Original Recipes. If you are inclined to belly-up to the stove now and then, check them out.

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SciFan: the database of fantasy and science fiction authors and books

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