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Recently while surfing the net, I came upon an unusual set of circumstances concerning my book, "Return of the Zytron Rebel," but that’s another story. It did, however inspire me to add this testimonial page to my site. I was astounded when I typed the title of my book into Google’s search box and, in a flash, it displayed:

Results 1 - 10 of about 233 for return of the zytron rebel. (0.14 seconds).

I wasn’t thunderstruck by the speed of Google; the fact that all 233 hits were about me and my book was the thing that set my cork bobbin. The book was offered for sale in Canada, the U.K., Australia/N.Z., European Union, and other countries. One entry, written in German is below but, you will have to translate it:

Alle Ergebnisse fur:
Sam J. Di Maggio
Return of the Zytron Rebel von Sam J. DiMaggio.
Gebundene Ausgabe/Sprache English
Anbieter versendet in 1-2 Werktagen.
Alle Angebote ab EUR 16,19.

Oh, did I mention the book sells for A$ 125.70 in Australia/N.Z., and in Canada US$ 97.90, is the listed bargain price.
I can’t explain all of the above but it set the stage for my decision to include this “Testimonial” link on my web site because of my next discovery; but first read the words I wrote to describ my first book:

The stories, created to both stimulate and entertain the minds of young readers, are spiced with intriguing historical references. With the belief that each generation need not assimilate each of life's lessons solely by trial and error, I have designed the stories as a means to lightly inspire, rather than lecture, the youth of today.

You will see why I was especially pleased to discover a few reviews in this mass of information; the first one to catch my eye was on “,” it wasn’t signed. A copy of the review follows :

This was a fantastic book to read as a parent of 2. It really makes you think of the importance of how even the smallest of things shape our children’s lives, and very frequently unbeknownst to us!

Another :

The Author has a great turn of phrase, some of the way he narrates things is quite memorable.

I liked this one:

There were moments when I felt as if I were in the middle of a great work, and moments where I felt the pace suffered from over description.

There were many more and I didn't even come close to going through 233 entries, but it’s time to turn this page over to you.

I appreciate your comments. If you want to review any of my books just click here and paste your review into the body of the e-mail, select your choice from the star guide below, paste it above your review, send it on its way, and thanks.


FIVE STARS: Outstanding
FOUR STARS: Recommended
THREE STARS: Okay, but not great
TWO STARS: Disappointing

Cindy Reagan, Wife, Mother & Grandmother, What a delight! Just the type of book I enjoy. I did not want to put it down & when I did I could not wait to start again. I loved Gramps and his deep thoughtful lessons he gave his Grandson to live by. Anxiously awaiting the next book.

A reviewer, Fantastic vocabulary!!! The weaving of history and high-level vocabulary throughout this book is fantastic! Upper elementary and even middle school kids will experience new vocabulary, but not wonder about the meaning. The explanations flow while they are reading. I don’t think the readers will even realize the words are being explained to them. This would be a great read aloud in 3rd grade. The state of Florida has Sunshine State Standards to be taught and the Renaissance is something that must be taught in 3rd grade. This would be a great way to introduce it. I'm sure after this had been read to them, many of the students will be looking for the sequel. Science Fiction lovers of all ages will enjoy this one.

W.S., A reviewer: Fantasy and History Rob's Trilogy is a wonderful combination of fantasy and fact woven into an exciting adventure by two young boys who discover how things might have come to be the way they are today. S.J. DiMaggio, gives the reader an insight into science fiction and historical facts together bringing us to an exciting conclusion. This book is a winner!

Roger (,who loves to read. Great Book for all kids A great book for all ages. Including all the elements of a great book. Read about Rob's adventures and his encounters with strange beings such as Eroz. If you like adventure and suspense, this book is for you. After finishing one book, you want to read the next one so bad. I urge you to read this book!!! Also recommended: Harry Potter Series 'Holes' 'Summer of the Monkeys' 'The Sign of the Beaver' 'The Helen Keller Story'

sue (, A reviewer: Could not put it down Great book! the suspence made you not want to put it down. It's a book not only for kids to enjoy ,but 47 year old adults enjoy it also. Just waiting for the next book.

A reviewer ( a 76 yr old grandma going on 50, 12/06/2005 SUSPRISED! I purchased this book for my 11-year grandson. While reading the back cover of the book, I came to the second story in the Trilogy “It’s About Time”, I immediately became curious and had to turn to Book Two - to Page 65, to find out why the Mona Lisa is smiling; especially since it is one of my favorite paintings. How clever of the author to have thought of this. I am looking forward to the author's next book.

A reviewer (! what do you know, looking at his web page to see if the author of Rob's Trilogy has published another book, I find a 4th adventure in in the offering. It is called Return of the Zytron Rebel. I ordered it. LINE
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